My mother is responsible for the how and when: Motivated to teach me how to fall safely (after a motorcycle accident left her brother, my uncle paralyzed) she signed me up for circus camp when I was 12 years old. She also signed me up for horseback riding, soccer, hockey, softball, and gymnastics. She put her own fears about safety aside so I could become strong and fearless. She brought me to my first circus show and recognized the quiet passion that was growing inside my little mind. 

Plain and simply, I love circus. I love the history, the people, the places and the stories. I chose to leave the comfort of life outside the ring for the beautiful chaos of performing for a live audience. I laugh and learn from failure, I welcome the unknown and I am energized by the long, laborious hours of creating something from nothing. 


“where I create, there I am true” -Rainer Maria Rilke